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Meet Fiona At Eagle And Bear Barbers In Stamford

At Eagle & Bear Barbers, we like to strive for excellent customer service on every visit. As part of that, we like to help you to get to know our staff better, so hopefully you feel comfortable when you visit.

Without further ado, meet Fiona, the latest addition to the E&B family.

What is your industry background?

I first started out training in women’s hair, I loved working in hair salons but after deciding to take a short course in men’s hair I immediately realised that my passion was really for barbering, so decided to fully focus my efforts in to perfecting my skills as a barber. I then moved to London where I worked as a barber for one of London’s leading shops inside Liberty’s of London, this was an amazing experience as I had a few celebrity clients and I continued to learn so much working there alongside some of the best in the business.

What services do you specialise in?

would say I specialise in very classic styles; I like to taper every short or mid length haircut as I love everything to look really clean and blended. I think it is important to have a haircut that will look good even if you don’t bother to style it often and usually if you have had a decent haircut, it will look great with minimal effort.

What do you love most about being a barber?

I love being a barber because although a haircut may seem like a small necessity that you have to do every 4 weeks, I feel we actually make a huge difference to people. Seeing how happy people are with their haircut brings me a lot of joy and it’s pretty cool how I get to meet such a variety of very interesting people every single day.

What grooming advice do you give to clients?

In terms of grooming advice, it changes to suit everyone’s specific needs really. I would say that there is a-lot of power in learning how to use the blow dryer, you can pretty much achieve any style by just adopting a few techniques with a hair dryer and a brush,  but then you also might get guys who are super low maintenance and you know they don’t even own a hairdryer so it’s important to show them to style in a way that will take less than 30 seconds.

Hobbies, how do you spend your days off?

Having just moved back to my hometown of Stamford from London, I’d say I’m now adopting a slower pace of life away from the big city, I’m probably just going to be enjoying the fresh air, countryside walks and spending time with family and friends.

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